The Most Beautiful Lantern

Sally Heinrich


The Mid-Autumn Festival is Mei Ling’s favourite celebration. She is looking forward to taking part in a lantern parade with her friends. But what type of lantern will she choose? She is determined to have the most beautiful lantern in the whole parade. The Most Beautiful Lantern is a lovely story about finding beauty in an unexpected place.

Sally Heinrich has illustrated more than 20 children’s books and has published four picture books and a novel. She lives in Adelaide.


All That I Am

Myra Lim-Hurt


In this free-verse poem a little girl, accompanied by her dog, contemplates the world through all her senses, and dreams of growing up.

Myra Lim-Hurt’s literary debut belies her tender age; her narrative is at once carefree, introspective and as layered as the beautiful illustrations by Sally Heinrich.

Myra Lim-Hurt wrote All That I Am for a class project when she was ten years old. She is now in high school where she is a keen rower and reader of spy novels. And she is still writing.


Rum Shrinks Elephants
G.M. Spencer


G M Spencer's account of his amateur explorations through forests up and down the mountains of Malaysia and Indonesia is told with humour and self-deprecation.

G.M. Spencer was born in the United Kingdom in 1946 and was educated in Liverpool and at Oxford University. He has taught in Kenya and in Singapore where he lives. He is married with two daughters.



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Grizzling in the Drizzling Serengeti
G.M. Spencer

ISBN 978-0-9941756-1-8

An account of a young couple's misadventures in the Kenyan countryside and wilderness, told with affection and humour.

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Suk's Progress

G.M. Spencer


Suk raises herself out of childhood poverty to become a trek guide in the forests of the kingdom of Thailand. She lives with her friends at LekNaruk Inc, a tiny eating place in the country town of Klong Graitin, and struggles to preserve her independence amidst a miscellany of acquaintances and visitors. Experiencing the full range of the human comedy, including hubris and violence, she has to compromise in life and love.

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