Kenya and Kilimanjaro were national parks with the additional and unusual advantage of visitors being allowed to walk through them. In the space of a few days, they could traverse big-game haunted natural forest, pass onto heathland and moorland studded with strange phallic vegetation; be baked by the sun, drenched in rain, chilblained in the snow and have difficulty in sleeping at night. With a little imagination it was possible to die of exposure or of pulmonary oedema or get lost and be pulverized by a rhinoceros. In short, these parks were heaven on earth.

We Like It All Very Much: Five Years in Kenya by G M Spencer (available now on Kobo and Amazon)

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Millthorpe in Words and Pictures is a celebration of Millthorpe village, 150 years young. This vibrant little village in the Central West of NSW has a proud history and much to offer its visitors and residents. The photographs capture the spirit of the community.



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